Friday, September 11, 2009

Remembering 9/11 in Olympia

Well, there's not much, except in my heart.

Nothing on the front page of my paper this morning. Buried inside, a single AP article about a 9/11 museum, and an AP article about muslims still fearing unspecified "backlash" on this day.

The quote that caught my eye was: "I get a sick feeling in my stomach every year", said Nancy Rokayak, 45 of Charlotte, N.C., who covers her hair in public. "I feel on 9/11 others look at me and blame me for the events that took place."

Events that took place. Sheesh. They were attacks. Attacks by muslim terrorists.

Note that she doesn't get "a sick feeling" because she knows that it was her co-religionists who, in the name of her religion, deliberately murdered those innocents and forever befouled her religion. No. It because us "others" might look at her funny. And, with no proof whatsoever, thinks that those "looks" mean these "others" blame her, personally, for those "events". Unreal.

Well, I get a sick feeling thinking that there are muslim terrorists out there, hiding behind her skirts, plotting to kill people like me for no reason other than that we are the "other".

Also, nothing on the Google page again this year.

By the way -- I do not acknowledge Obamagoos takeover of 9/11 for his 'Service Me' day.

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